Ceramic Pro London
Video Production Services Transcend Continents

Through our relationship with Ceramic Pro, we were able to branch out internationally and work with Ceramic Pro London. We used our video production services to create an advertising campaign for them. This included Counterflow flying out to London to do the videography, creating and implementing an ad campaign involving digital and social media, and consulting them through the whole thing. Working in another country we took advantage of the new demographic and partnered with a social media influencer to increase the scope of the impact of the project. In working with us not only did they get awesome new content, but they also were able to increase their visibility in the London market.

With this project, we were so excited to have the opportunity to fly out and film the whole thing ourselves. As apart of our video production services we partnered with Schwaa films for this project to help shoot. We then took over as the director and producer of the video. During this process, Ceramic Pro London also gave us complete autonomy to handle the project from start to finish. We came up with the concept and brought in Madwhips as a social media influencer.  This helped to ensure the success of the project. We took advantage of the streets of London to take footage of their cars driving in iconic locations as well as amazing aerial shots of the city. After 3 days of shooting, we had everything we needed for 2 commercial quality videos. We came home and got to work on creating 60 days of web content and editing the two videos.
Social Media Content Creation
Ceramic Pro London also wanted us to come up with a social media campaign to broadcast their new content. While in London we made sure to shoot enough additional footage for 5 short videos exclusively for the social media promotions. This included behind the scenes footage, customer interviews, client interviews, testimonials and more. In addition to all the content we already had we created a comic strip of the video to help promote the release of the video. All said and done we had created a promotional campaign of 25 high-quality Instagram posts, 15 posts for Facebook, and 2 posts specifically for partner pages such as Ceramic Pro to help with publicity. All of these posts included the photo or video, captions with links if necessary and a schedule of when to post.
Social Media Strategy and Consulting
After having created a social media schedule for this video, Ceramic Pro London hired us to consult them on what their next steps should be. Even though we were an ocean away we used our experience to do research and obtain data necessary to give CP London the information they needed moving forward. We helped them come up with a plan for the company moving forward and coached them as necessary.
Short Videos
Instagram Posts
Facebook Posts
Ad Management
In order to take full advantage of their footage CP London continued to have us manage their advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. We made sure to capitalize off of the footage that we had taken to them and keep that momentum going. By managing their advertisements we were able to maintain new business coming through their doors even well after we came out with the original video.
Lead Generation
After seeing the success that our lead generation software has had with Ceramic Pro in the states we applied that technology to CP London’s advertisements. Between the content that we had created and our lead generation, their business really took off. As a leader of the industry over in the UK we were excited to be able to help keep that business going because of our technology.