From conception to cultivation we have the experience to make sure that your business stands out among any crowd. Technology can be tricky, especially when it’s changing every day. You might have the best ads and website, but without the right strategy, it can all go to waste. With our online marketing consulting, we make sure that it doesn’t. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to advertise everywhere, whereas on the other side sometimes companies aren’t doing enough on diverse platforms. We look at the metrics to determine what’s working and what doesn’t to make sure you’re not wasting your time or money.


We will look at your current brand and marketing plan and let you know what your customers are actually responding to, or what is just wasting your time. Every industry is different and what you think should be working might just be off. Branding specifically can be very nuanced and need an experienced eye to know exactly what your brand needs. We can make the necessary tweaks to your current plan, or completely rebrand but no matter what, you will have someone with experience on your side. No more guessing, we will tell you what you need to help expand your business.


Having a memorable and focused brand is something many companies really struggle with. So many customers only shop with companies that they trust, and trust comes with brand recognition. Many business owners have a vision, but no idea how to make it a reality, and others think that advertising can solve their problems. Even with our online¬†marketing consulting, that isn’t necessarily enough.¬†When it comes to a brand we take ideas and create a brand that becomes instantly recognizable to your customers. Having a memorable brand is something that is greatly undervalued but unbelievably priceless if successful. Once we increase your brand recognition your product will do the rest.


Rollout Plan

Coming out with a new product and don’t know how to get the news out? We can help you with that. No matter the size of your new product or service, have created all sorts of rollout plans and would create a campaign that advertises accordingly. It takes true grit and fire to try new things, there’s no time for a timid rollout plan.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is something that we’ve seen even established companies struggle with, especially if they are just adapting to new technology. If your website is older it possible you don’t have SEO at all. The digital world can really help new customers find you, just make sure you’re doing it right.


Let us take a look at what you’re doing, or not doing. We will give you a customized assessment of what is best for you. No matter how you’re advertising, whether it be google ads, sponsored posts on social media, or traditional print campaigns, we can give you the tools to know what you need to propel your business.

Marketing Plan

Need help coming up with a plan for all of it? Don’t worry about missing a step, we will come up with a personalized plan that optimizes every dollar while reaching the most people possible. Whether you have a plan in place or not, we can help fill in the gaps.

Sam P.
Auto Shop Manager

Geoff and his team at Counterflow Marketing are so easy to work with! Their SEO setup has increased business dramatically. I’ve gotten more leads than ever before. I even had to hire a new sales guy to manage all the new customers. I highly recommend Counterflow to grow your business!

Lara H.
Business Owner

Counterflow Marketing gave my website a facelift so now it’s so easy to navigate and all my services are on the front page of my site! I’ve been booking more clients than ever through my site and it’s all thanks to Counterflow Marketing.

Jason F.
Business Owner

Counterflow Marketing does it right. When I started advertising with Counterflow my sales went up 300%! These guys know how to target the right people and get them to your business. If you want more customers, Counterflow can get them through your door.

Jake R.
Event Coordinator

When it comes to throwing events, Counterflow Marketing will make it happen! They successfully coordinated every aspect of our company’s party from booking the talent to ordering catering and making sure everything ran smoothly. If you want to throw a badass party, hit up Counterflow Marketing.