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We create unique, out of the box content that lures your potential customers in, and then we still do the rest. WE deliver the true essence of advertising: increased revenue. We bring you valuable customer inquiries and prospects so all you have to do is what you do best.
Web Development
Don’t have much of an online presence? We can renovate your presence to be the best in your industry. Even if you don’t have a website at all, we will put you on the map with such a splash, everyone will know who you are. We work with companies of all sizes from startups to IPOs
Consulting Services
Ok, we know what you’re thinking. All this sounds great, but how do we even get there? Whether you already have a strategy in place or not, we will tell you what changes you need to make to your marketing strategy, or even where to start. Our goal is to maximize your revenue.
Brand Development
We have the trained eye to make sure that your brand looks damn good. Whether or not you have an established brand or not, we can develop your brand to become a knockout, and iconic within your industry. Your brand is one of the most valuable things you have, make sure it’s in the right hands.
Event Planning
Event planning is in our blood. Logistics got your stuck? We already have it figured out. Can’t find advertisers? Let us talk to our connections. We will plan your event to go off without a hitch.
We can write, direct, produce, shoot anything you need whether it be print or video. Tell us your ideas, and we will put them in action.


When looking at our services it’s important to remember that we specialize in four major areas that can make a real impact on your company.

Advertising works. Let our team make sure your dollars are being spent wisely reaching potential customers and bringing in new business.
SEO Solutions
We know SEO like the back of our hands. Let our team of experts find the keywords you need to get your business to the front page of Google.
Let our team of marketing experts work with you to understand your businesses' needs and put a plan in place for you to reach your goals.
Social Media
Let our team of experts tackle the social media world for your business so you can reach your target audience and make more sales.

Your business needs advertising, SEO, web development and social media marketing. Running a business is no easy task. Let us take care of bringing you new customers. We use out-of-the-box advertising to reach your target audience. Our SEO strategy will bring your business to the top of Google’s search results. We’ve built hundreds of websites, driving traffic to your site and increasing sales. Social media will help you connect with your customers. Let Counterflow Marketing help grow your business.

Web Design
Social Media

Counterflow Marketing is your top digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, Advertising, Web development, event planning, consulting and more. We’ve developed an innovative methodology to increase customer acquisition for your business.

Counterflow Marketing helped increase my sales by 300% bringing new customers to my website and converting them into sales. I highly recommend working with Geoff and his team.

Helping clients receive over 100,000 customer inquiries in various industries, our methodology really works. We deliver high quality services to all our clients with excellent customer support. If you want to grow your business than you’ve come to the right place. Come see our expert staff to get started today.

Your Full Service Marketing Company

Things we can do for you

If you’ve been searching for the top digital marketing agency in San Diego, look no further than your friends at Counterflow Marketing. We know what it takes to grow your business and have experience helping our clients reach their goals. Let our team of experts revamp your website, upgrade your SEO, consult you on your digital marketing strategy and help make you money. We want to see you succeed. There’s a lot of competition out there, fight the current and win with us.

Sam P.
Auto Shop Manager

Geoff and his team at Counterflow Marketing are so easy to work with! Their SEO setup has increased business dramatically. I’ve gotten more leads than ever before. I even had to hire a new sales guy to manage all the new customers. I highly recommend Counterflow to grow your business!

Lara H.
Business Owner

Counterflow Marketing gave my website a facelift so now it’s so easy to navigate and all my services are on the front page of my site! I’ve been booking more clients than ever through my site and it’s all thanks to Counterflow Marketing.

Jason F.
Business Owner

Counterflow Marketing does it right. When I started advertising with Counterflow my sales went up 300%! These guys know how to target the right people and get them to your business. If you want more customers, Counterflow can get them through your door.

Jake R.
Event Coordinator

When it comes to throwing events, Counterflow Marketing will make it happen! They successfully coordinated every aspect of our company’s party from booking the talent to ordering catering and making sure everything ran smoothly. If you want to throw a badass party, hit up Counterflow Marketing.