We’ve created a technology that has the ability to consolidate all of your business’ customer inquiries under one roof. We centralize information from the web, Facebook, walk-ins, phone inquiries, emails and anything else into our CRM system. Our technology comes with automated workflows that will help you close sales and improve customer retention. Our CRM will help grow your business while keeping your current customers happy. It comes with many features that will improve the efficiency of your business. Some of the features include: unlimited users, real-time reporting, texting customers directly from the CRM, uploading photos on a customer record, automated text and email drip campaigns, pre-made workflows, quickbooks integration and more. If you’ve been searching for a way to grow your business, while creating a more efficient workflow, than the Counterflow CRM system is perfect for you!


Want our CRM system to do your work for you? That’s exactly what it’s designed to do. The Counterflow CRM includes pre-built automated emails and texts to send to your potential and existing customers to help drive sales. These automated responders are designed to bring in new customers and keep your current customers coming back for more business. If you want to take a load off your plate, than the workflow feature of the Counterflow CRM will save your day.


Want your customers to keep coming back for more business? Our CRM system creates bi-monthly email blasts designed specifically to inform your customers on new products and services you offer. These e-blasts will help your business bring in repeat customers and up-sell your services. It also brings values to customer by helping them stay up to date on your most current offerings. Our CRM comes equip with over a year’s worth of e-blasts to improve your customer retention.


Do you have trouble organizing all your customer’s information in one place? With the various amounts of ways to get in touch in today’s day and age, we know it isn’t easy. Our CRM system can help. We consolidate all your customer’s information from advertising, web inquiries, walk-ins and more into one centralized place that you can easily manage. You’ll be able to reach all your customers with just a click of a button and have all their data in one place. Our organized CRM program will help you stay on track with business.

Pre-made Workflows

We’ve created pre-made email and text workflows for you to reach your prospective customers. Let our CRM system follow up with your clients to sell them the many services that you offer.

Text Customers Directly from CRM

Our CRM System allows you to text your customers directly from the computer. It’s easier than ever now to reach your customers.


Free CRM Training Sessions

We have created extensive training demos to guide you through the process of setting up our CRM system. Our goal is to see you succeed and we’ll guide you through every step to get there.

Unlimited Users

Our CRM system allows you to have unlimited users. Your entire management and sales team can have access to this software without having to pay an upgraded fee.

Sam P.
Auto Shop Manager

Geoff and his team at Counterflow Marketing are so easy to work with! Their SEO setup has increased business dramatically. I’ve gotten more leads than ever before. I even had to hire a new sales guy to manage all the new customers. I highly recommend Counterflow to grow your business!

Lara H.
Business Owner

Counterflow Marketing gave my website a facelift so now it’s so easy to navigate and all my services are on the front page of my site! I’ve been booking more clients than ever through my site and it’s all thanks to Counterflow Marketing.

Jason F.
Business Owner

Counterflow Marketing does it right. When I started advertising with Counterflow my sales went up 300%! These guys know how to target the right people and get them to your business. If you want more customers, Counterflow can get them through your door.

Jake R.
Event Coordinator

When it comes to throwing events, Counterflow Marketing will make it happen! They successfully coordinated every aspect of our company’s party from booking the talent to ordering catering and making sure everything ran smoothly. If you want to throw a badass party, hit up Counterflow Marketing.