Winter Snow Show


an Diego is located in the perfect position to have many opportunities for weekend escapes. In 2012 we decided to take advantage of our location and connections to create a music festival in Big Bear, CA. Enjoying the snow during the day, bands at night, and of course alcohol throughout we created the perfect winter getaway. We planned the whole event all three years. Utilizing our experience with San Diego event planning we took care of everything from concept and brand creation to the actual transportation and lodging. Participants of the event were annually buying tickets, and when they came back they were looking forward to the next year. Sponsors and featured vendors were both eager to host the event and continue to be contacts for Counterflow.

San Diego Event Planning

Concept Creation – When originally coming up with the idea of the Snow Show it was just that, an idea. A really fun idea, but a concept just the same. Having experience in San Diego event planning we took the time to develop the concept to ensure its success. Once we had a more concrete idea of what it would actually take to pull off an event like this we went through those steps of doing it. We put together a list of potential sponsors, vendors, venues, and put the wheels in motion to logistically create an event that people would never forget.

Brand Creation – The other task that we had to tackle before we actually started handling the logistics was the brand. That meant knowing what we wanted the essence of the Snow Show to be. This included understanding our target audience and knowing the kind of people that we would hope to buy tickets. More than just the potential customers we needed to decipher what kind of experience we wanted to provide for these people. Through choosing a target market we started to develop a brand that we would then use throughout the advertising, website, and over the next three years.

E commerce Website – Creating this website from scratch we knew that we needed to make a website that aligned with the brand, but even more the website had to be a functional e commerce site. Customers needed to be able to not only find the festival online but also navigate the website, show them that they wanted to go and be able to buy tickets. Creating a brand and website from scratch means coming up with completely original content that would convince people that they needed to participate in this weekend. They needed to trust us to be able to provide an experience that was going to be worth their time and the ticket price. With our experience, we were able to create everything this website needed to be and more.

Event Planning – Planning the event we ensured that we had enough sponsors to host the event that we had imagined. We partnered up with the local San Diego radio station 94.9 FM and numerous alcohol sponsors that varied over the years. By working with us we guaranteed exposure, exclusive alcohol rights at our promotional events, and exclusivity at the actual concerts. We also worked with 6 local venues leading up to the event for our promotional parties. When it came to the Snow Show itself the ticket provided transportation from San Diego, lodging up in Big Bear, lift ticket to enjoy the mountain as well as access to the actual music itself all of which Counterflow logistically planned and scheduled. We made sure that everything our customer wanted was thought of and taken care of for the perfect carefree weekend.

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