Counterflow Marketing is here to handle your recreational activity social media advertising! Social media is an incredibly important part of doing business. Over the past few years we have seen it grow and grow, becoming even more crucial than traditional types of marketing and advertising. Whether you rent out jet skis or teach gold lessons to people of all ages, keeping your recreational activity company current and appealing to online users is essential. It can also be an intimidating task, but no worries, that is where Counterflow Marketing comes in. The idea is to make your business appear trustworthy to clients and create the opportunity for communication with them. A consumer’s final decision is usually made based on the overall customer experience – this includes their first impression of your company to the booking process. Building your following is one thing, but taking that following and turning it into leads is another. Tackle the recreational activity industry from every angle by using social media advertising. Clients are more inclined to give their business to a company that is active online. Using the right ad strategy can significantly increase traffic to your website and increase bookings and sales. Social media marketing and advertising is far more cost effective that traditional advertising and allows us to directly connect with your target demographic. We advertise through platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Contact us today to get started!


If you are looking to take your business to the next level with search engine optimization, Counterflow Marketing is here to help. Our SEO process has been proven to work and is a six month long process at minimum. Organic web growth through SEO is definitely a waiting game, but we are here to make sure your website and business is growing in the right direction.


If needed, we start off the beginning of the social media marketing and advertising process with content creation. Our team is here to create original content that accurately depicts your business and captures the atmosphere you have worked hard to create.


Counterflow works with you to create an active posting schedule to depict any special offers or new things happening that you currently have going on in your auto spa. Keeping your customers engaged is key to repeat business.


Organic social media growth aside, we also fully manage your social media advertising! We specialize in advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. We manage your ads so that you don’t have to! The more leads we generate, the better it is for your business.


We would love to know how Counterflow Marketing can help your company grow. Being a digital marketing company we are prepared to do what we can do to help you. Whether you know what you need or not we can get your company to the next level. We know that deciding to spend the money on marketing can be intimidating! We are a digital marketing company that can update everything from your advertising campaign to your brand to the next event you want to host. Let us be that resource for you. Call us today or fill out this form and we will get back to you. We would love to help.